Middle School Counseling

  • Waterloo Middle School Counseling Office

    65 Center St.

    Waterloo, New York 13165

    Phone#: 315-539-1542

    Fax#: 315-539-1534


                   Lisa Andino  ~   Students with last names A-L

          Mark Salvatore Pitifer  ~   Students with last names M-Z

                   Joan Daeffler  ~  Guidance Assistant 



    Our mission is to help students in the areas of academic success, career exploration and personal/social growth.  This is accomplished through a variety of methods, including:


    -         Individual and/or group counseling

    -         Classroom presentations

    -         Field trips

    -         Crisis counseling and peer mediation

    -         Referrals to outside agencies


    We value open communication between home and school, and appreciate parents who are proactive in advocating for their child.  If there is something significant going on in your child’s life (i.e., death in the family, court/custody issues, conflicts with peers) please inform us as soon as possible.  This allows us to come up with a plan to support him or her, while also heading off future issues. 


    It is an honor and privilege to help your children navigate the tumultuous waters of adolescence and to catch a glimpse of the responsible, compassionate young adults they will one day become.  


    Please let us know if we can be of any assistance during the coming school year!



    Contact us:

    -          Lisa Andino  

      Email: lisa.andino@waterloocsd.org



    -         Mark Salvatore Pitifer  

         Email:  mark.pitifer@waterloocsd.org