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  • How do I get to my Virtual Teams Meeting Calls with my teachers?

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    Depending on what grade you are in the answer to this varies. K-2 students will log in through Seesaw and students in grades 3-12 will log in with Schoology. Please see the links below for videos and directions explaining how to do this.


    K-2 Students How to Log on to your video call

    How to join a teams meeting, paper step by step directions for students in grades K-2

    Students in grades 3-12 video explaining how to join a teams meeting through Schoology

    How to join a teams meeting, paper step by step directions for students in grades 3-12.

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  • How do I log into my Schoology account?

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    You can access your Schoology account Using Microsoft Edge, by going directly to "" or through the district website.

    1. Microsoft Edge: Open Edge (Blue Swirl Icon on student laptops), click the "home/Schoology" shortcut on the bookmark bar at the top, and you're logged in.

    2. In the address bar of any search engine (Google Chrome, Bing, Edge) type Http://, and you will be prompted to log in using your school email and school password.

    3. From the district, website go to "For Students", then "Schoology Login", and log in with your Office 365 account. Your username is your full school email with your standard "wat" password.

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  • How do I get to my school email?

    Posted by: Mr. Coleman

    All student email is based on their O365 account. Student email is with your "Wat#####!"(where # = lunch code/school ID; K-1 students no capital w) password (same password used to sign in to your device). You can access your email through the Outlook Desktop app on your computer, or you can access your email online by going to the school website, the "for students" tab, and "Office 365 account login". The login process is the same in either location.

    O365 login Link: Waterloo Email Login Link

    Additionally, for those regular phone users, you can download the Outlook app on your phone and use your email there too.

    **Students do NOT email or access email through SchoolTool, only through Outlook or O365**

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  • Who do I contact for help with my device?

    Posted by: Mr. Coleman

    Anytime you need assistance with your school device you can send an email to your school's helpdesk
    Skoi-Yase - syhelpdesk, LaFayette - lfhelpdesk, Middle School - mshelpdesk, High School - hshelpdesk

    If you are unable to send an email please let a teacher or principal know about your problem and they will help you get in touch with someone who can help.

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  • How do I connect my school device to my home wifi?

    Posted by: Mr. Coleman


    To connect your school device to your home Wi-Fi you must complete the following steps. Also, reference the attached document for helpful images.

    1. Sign in to your computer

    2. Connect to your home Wi-Fi by:
      1. Clicking on the “WI-FI” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the list of available WI-FI Connections.
      2. Find your home network or hotspot and select it. Check the box that says, “connect automatically” and enter a password if necessary.
      3. Select connect to finalize your connection. When connected the Wi-Fi icon should have full white bars.


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  • Do I have to use my School device to do my work at home?

    Posted by: Mr. Coleman

    No. You do not have to use your school device to do school work outside of school. Almost all of our district applications can be accessed via the web or a downloadable app. You can truly use just about any device with internet access to complete your online learning work.

    Android Phone
    Android Tablet
    Personal Computer

    Some even work on PS and XBOX!

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  • How do I log into IXL?

    Posted by: Mr. Coleman

    To login to IXL you must go to the website

    Your Username is your firstlast name with NO dot or spaces. Your password is your 5 digit ID #.

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