Quick Facts About Home Schooling

  • Please see below for a Quick Overview of the Home School Requirements from New York State Education Law: Section 100.10

     Parental Obligations:                                        

    1. Submit a Letter of Intent to Home School Office by July 1st or within 14 days of starting home schooling once the school year has begun. This must be done every yearPlease include age and address verification.
    2.  Fill out Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) form by Aug 15th, or within four weeks of the receipt of the Letter of Intent from the school district (whichever is later). This must contain:
      • the child’s name, age, and grade level
      • a list of syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, or a plan of instruction.
      • dates for submission of quarterly reports, and
      • the names of the persons providing the instruction and administering year end assessments. 
    1. Maintain records of attendance (180 days) 
    1. File quarterly reports giving:
      • number of hours of instruction during the quarter
      • a description of the materials covered in each subject
      • a grade or narrative evaluation in each subject and a written explanation if less than 80% of that quarter’s material, in any subject, was covered. 
    1. File an Annual Assessment with the last quarterly report due on June 30. You cannot change this last date because the school year ends June 30th. For grades 1-3, a written narrative may be used. In grades 4-8, the written narrative may be used every other year, with a New York State approved standardized achievement test given the alternate year. For grades 9-12 an Annual Assessment must be submitted with the 4th quarter report. The Annual Assessment does not take the place of the 4th Quarter Report. Both must be submitted to be in compliance. The parent may choose one of the following standardized tests:
    • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    • California Achievement Test
    • Stanford Achievement Test
    • Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
    • Metropolitan Achievement Test
    • NYS Assessment Tests
    • NYS Regents Exam 

    * Please see our Links page for a couple websites that sell/provide the tests above. There are many options, and these are just a couple to help you get started. If you would like your student to participate in the NYS assessments or regents-please contact our office to get those arrangements in place. 

     ** Students must score at the 33rd % or above to have shown sufficient progress to be promoted to the next grade. If a student falls below a passing grade, the parent(s) will be notified that their home-schooling program is on probation, and they must file a remedial IHIP for the following year. 

    Compulsory Attendance Age:
    “…a minor who becomes six years of age on or before the first of December in any school year…until the last day of session in the school year in which the minor becomes sixteen years of age” or completion of high school.  Any board of education can vote to raise the compulsory attendance age in their school district from 16 to 17 if the minor is not employed full-time, New York State Education Law 3205. 

    Required Day of Instruction:
    The substantial equivalent of 180 days. For grades 1-6, 900 hours per year; for grades 7-12, 990 hours per year. 

    Required Subjects:
    Grade 1-Grade 6 - Instruction in the following subjects shall be required yearly (If Teaching K-These standards can apply) 

    • Math
    • ELA (Reading, Spelling, Writing)
    • Geography
    • United States History
    • Science
    • Health Education
    • Music
    • Visual Arts
    • Physical Education

     Grades 7 & Grade 8
    The units required herein are cumulative requirements for grades 7 & 8.

    • English (2 units)-recommended to take 1 per year
    • History and Geography (2 units)-recommended to take 1 per year
    • Science (2 units)-recommended to take 1 per year
    • Mathematics (2 units)-recommended to take 1 per year
    • Art (one-half unit)
    • Music (one-half unit)
    • Physical education (yearly)
    • Health education (yearly)
    • Practical arts (yearly)
    • Library skills (yearly).

     The following courses shall be taught at least once during the first eight grades:

    • United States history
    • New York State history
    • the Constitutions of the United States and New York State.

     Grades 9 - Grade 12:
    The units required herein are cumulative requirements for grades 9 through 12.
    There is a High School Transcript planner under FORMS on our website for more help

    •  English (four units)-recommended to take 1 per year
    • Social studies (four units) -recommended to take 1 per year
      • one unit of American history
      • one-half unit in participation in government
      • one- half unit of economics
    • Mathematics (two units)
    • Science (two units)
    • Art and/or Music (one unit)
    • Health Education (one-half unit)
    • Physical Education (two units)
    • Three units of electives (Courses of your choice)

    Please Note:

    1.  Students who are home schooled throughout 12th grade do not receive a high school diploma from New York State.  If desired, they may take the GED exam. They will receive a letter of completion if they have met all the state requirements.
    2. The Waterloo Central School District is not required to supply textbooks or materials when you choose to home school your child.
    3. Your reports are very important. Verification of Home Schooling cannot be given if your child’s program is not in complete compliance with these guidelines.  This means we must have on record the Letter of Intent, IHIP, quarterly reports, and narrative/final assessment as specified.  We cannot give you a letter of compliance for working papers/transfer to a school if you have missing information. All reports should be returned on time.
    4. All residents of the Waterloo Central School District who home school their children should send their Letter of Intent, IHIP, Quarterly Reports, and Final Assessment results to:

    Waterloo District Office
    Home School Department
    109 Washington Street
    Waterloo, NY 13165