WTRC Policy Board

  • Policy Board Members for the 2019-2020 School Year
    To view full copy of WTRC BY-LAWS please see attachment at the bottom of the page

    Chair of the Policy Board - Shawn Orcutt (Term 19/20 - 22/23)
    WEA Representative - Theresa Patchen 
    Skoi-Yase Primary Representative- Jennifer Paczkowski/Shawn Orcutt
    LaFayette Intermediate Representative - Jackie Mull/Ranette Schaertl
    Middle School Representative - Missy Neumire/Jason Stock 
    High School Representative - Russ Gillan/Joe Landry
    Waterloo BOE Representative - Renee Thomas

    College/University Representative - Katie Flowers (Hobart William Smith)
    Parent Representative - Tammy Anhorn
    Business Representative - Linda Wadhams
    District Representative - Jennifer Hayden
    Technology Representative - Toby Coleman

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