Event Prices and Code of Behavior

  • Athletic Event Prices & Code of Behavior


    Approved Athletic Admission Prices 


    $3.00 Boys & Girls Basketball & Lacrosse 

    $1.00 Boys & Girls Basketball & Lacrosse (Outside District Students)

    $2.00 Volleyball & Wrestling 

    $1.00 Volleyball & Wrestling (Outside District Students)

    $3.00 Football 

    $1.00 Football (Outside District Students)

    $3.00 Boys & Girls Lacrosse 

    $1.00 Boys & Girls Lacrosse (Outside District Students)


    e All Waterloo CSD students are FREE! 



    Note:  Section V sets its own prices.

    District resident senior citizens may receive an activities pass for any school district sponsored event at no cost by contacting the District Office at 539-1501.


    Section V Spectator Code of Behavior/Ethics
    It is the responsibility of the spectator to:

    1. Keep cheering positive. There should be no profanity or degrading language/gestures.
    2. Avoid actions which offend visiting teams or individual players.
    3. Show appreciation of good play by both teams.
    4. Learn the rules of the game in order to be a better informed spectator.
    5. Treat all visiting teams in a manner in which you would expect to be treated.
    6. Accept the judgment of coaches and officials.
    7. Encourage other spectators to participate in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
    8. Avoid the use, abuse and resulting negative influence of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.

    Student Athletes Code of Behavior
    It is the responsibility of the student to:

    1. Demonstrate self control and respect for others at all times be they they officials, spectators or other athletes.
    2. Remember that participation in athletics is a privilege that is not to be abused by unsportsmanlike conduct.
    3. Deal with opponents with respect. Shake hands after the competition and congratulate them on their performance.
    4. Respect the integrity and judgment of the officials
    5. Remember that improper behavior while in uniform reflect poorly upon yourself, your family, your school and your community
    6. Understand and abide by the rules and regulations of the game.
    7. Accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity.
    8. Remember that the use, abuse and resulting negative influence of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco is detrimental to the game and its participants.