General Information

  •   Physical Examinations

    New Your State Education Law requires physical examination of students when they:

    • Are in grades K, 2, 4, 7, 10
    • Enter the school district for the first time
    • Participate in the school’s sports program
    • Are referred by/to the Committee on Special Education
    • Need working papers


    Physical examinations will be performed in September by our School Physician, designated by Life Care Medical Associates. Parents and guardians will be notified by phone/mail if any health problem is found which requires further investigation or treatment.


    If a parent/guardian prefers to have a child’s exam done by their own health care provider, notify the school nurse of the date of the appointment and have a copy of the physical exam, along with any new immunizations, sent to the health office once completed


     Student Illness/Injury

    If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day, first aid will be given and a determination made as to whether the child should remain a t school. A parent or guardian will be notified if a student needs to go home or referred for medical care. If we are unable to reach a parent/guardian, the designated person(s) on the student’s emergency information sheet will be contacted. In the event that no one can be reached and student’s condition or injury is deemed serious, then an ambulance will be summoned.


    Please return the completed “Student Emergency Information Sheet” at the beginning of each school year and notify the main office of any changes during the year to insure your child’s safety. A copy of the form is available from the health office or - click here.



    It is recommended that a student NOT be sent to school if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the previous 24 hours:

    • Temperature of 100.0 degrees F. or higher
    • Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Severe earache with or without drainage from the ear
    • Severe cold symptoms with frequent cough
    • Sore throat with or without fever
    • Red, itchy eyes with yellow drainage and crusted eyelashes
    • Any rash of sores that have blisters and oozing drainage
    • Lack of sleep due to frequent cough from asthma, upper respiratory infection, or any other illness symptoms during the overnight hours


    In the event that a child is going to be absent from school, we request that the parent/guardian notify the health office at the school. Voice mail will pick up messages before or after regular office hours. If a phone call is not received than a staff member from the school will notify the parent of the student’s illegal absence when the morning attendance has been taken.



    In compliance with NYS Education Law, any medication (prescription as well as over-the-counter) to be taken during the school day requires:

    1. A written order signed by the physician which must include
      1. The name of the medication
      2. Dosage
      3. Route of administration
      4. How often to be administered
    2. A written note signed by the parent/guardian authorizing school health personnel to administer the medication
    3. The original medication bottle’s label must match the physician’s order
    4. Parent/guardian must deliver the medication to the school health office


    These requirements also pertain to over-the-counter products such as cough drops, ear and/or eye drops, saline nose spray or throat sprays, creams, lotions or ointment for skin conditions. A copy of the medication permission form is available from the health office or online - click here.



    Students will receive screenings of height, weight, vision, and hearing as listed below:

    • Height and Weight – yearly
    • Hearing – K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 10
    • Vision – K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10
    • Scoliosis – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


     Gym Excuses

    Any student unable to participate in gym class due to an illness or injury must bring to the health office on that day a written note stating the reason and signed by the parent/guardian. Extended periods of exclusion will require a physician’s written note.

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