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Waterloo Central School District

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Waterloo Central School District uses a variety of technologies and platforms to support and enhance the educational process. Every effort is made to prepare our students for a technology-dependent college or workplace. Students at all grade levels utilize computer technology and online resources for information gathering research, reports, and presentations. We have a computer network and high-speed internet access to serve all students and staff members. Students using assigned computers can access a wide variety of software as well as the Internet.

HELP DESK - The best way to contact IT staff is by emailing the help desk: helpdesk@waterloocsd.orgWaterloo CSD Technology Plan

Informational Technology Staff

Tim Lincoln
Network Analyst

Cyndy Wright
PC Support

Sherrill O'Brien
Network Systems Support Aide (secondary buildings)

Caleb Smith
Network Systems Support Aide (elementary buildings)

Instructional Technology Staff

Toby Coleman
Director of Personalized Learning & Innovative Programming



Infographic showing the top 6 tech programs used in Waterloo.