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Waterloo Central School District

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General Information


All students must abide by the compulsory attendance requirements of New York State. A legitimate legal excuse must be submitted by the parent or guardian on the day following a student's absence. No student may leave school during school hours without written parental permission approved by the building principal. Requests to be excused for medical reasons should be accompanied by the doctor's or dentist's appointment card or the name of the doctor/dentist. Consistent unlawful absences or excessive tardiness will require parent/pupil/principal conference and/or referral to other legal agencies. 


Any group using school facilities must agree to abide by established Board of Education policies and procedures, and be responsible for any damages to property. Remember, all school buildings and property are smoke and drug free zones. Accidents, injuries or damages must be immediately reported to the school principal. School functions will take precedence over all other activities.
Groups requesting the use of the school at times when school is not in session need Board of Education approval and must submit requests at least 45 days in advance. These requests will incur a custodial fee.

Emergency School Closings

Occasionally it may be necessary to close schools due to inclement weather or other hazardous conditions which render transportation or the school buildings unsafe.
Please do not call the schools for information. Listen to one of the following radio stations for school closing information:

  • WSFW - 1110 AM
  • WGVA - 1240 AM
  • WYLF - 850 AM
  • WVOR - 100.5 FM
  • WALL - 93.5 FM
  • WNYR - 98.5 FM
  • WFLK - 101.7 FM

School Closings are also reported to the following television stations:

  • Time Warner R News
  • WTVH - channel 5
  • WOKR - channel 13
  • WSTM - channel 3
  • WSYR - channel

Emergency make-up days may be made up during Spring Break.

To Resolve Any School Problem:

  1. See your child's teacher. If you are not satisfied, then
  2. See your child's principal. If you are not satisfied, then
  3. Call 539-1501 to make an appointment to see the Superintendent. If you are still not satisfied, then
  4. Ask to address the Board of Education

To Register New Students:
Call the Central Registrar at the District Office for an appointment (539-1500). Bring legal proof of age, immunization record, proof of guardianship, most recent report card and proof of residency.

To Withdraw a Student:
Contact the appropriate school and request an unofficial copy of records for registration at the new school. Sign request for release of official records.

To Obtain Working Papers:
Contact the Guidance Offices at either the Middle School (539-1542) or the High School (539-1552).

To Contact School Maintenance Department:
Call 539-1570 or 539-1510

To Obtain Information on High School Equivalency:
Contact the High School Guidance Office at 539-1552.

To Qualify for Free Breakfasts & Lunches:
Contact the school principal to complete the necessary forms.

To Schedule a Meeting with a Teacher:
For grades K-5, contact the building principal; for grades 6-12, contact the appropriate guidance office.

To Have Medications Administered During School Hours:
Submit a written request to the school nurse and submit written dosage instructions from the prescribing physician. Parents must bring medication to the school, it cannot be sent with children.

Moving? Address Changed? Telephone Number Changed?
Please be sure to notify your child's school as soon as the new information is known. If you have an address correction or if you are getting school publications that you would like to discontinue, please call the Superintendent's Office at 539-1501.

To Qualify to Vote on School Issues:
You must be

  • a U.S. citizen
  • 18 years of age or older, and
  • a resident of the district for 30 days prior to the vote