Board of Education


    The Board of Education establishes school policies, approves personnel appointments, adopts budgets, approves text book selections, awards bids, and has complete and final control over controversial school issues.

    All actions of the Board require the affirmative vote of at least five of the nine members. These members are unsalaried and are elected to three year terms of office.

    Community members are encouraged to attend all meetings. A record of the proceedings of the Board is available for inspection by the public in the district administrative offices.

    Regular Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the Waterloo Middle School Large Group Instruction Room, at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted in the calendar. Additional "programs" and "special" meetings are also scheduled throughout the year.


    BOE District Goals


    District Goal l -Academic.Achievement and Excellence


    Goal l -Each Waterloo School will provide a safe, engaging learning environment promoting progress toward academic achievement and excellence as well as the development of the whole student.


    To assure achievement of this goal, schools will create action plans that target:


    Ø  Increasing the percentage of students scoring in proficient ranges on New York State Assessments in Grades 3-8 English Language Arts and Math by ten percent each year over three years from 2017-2019.

    Ø  Improvements in the Response to Intervention Programs which will include collaborative models of data analysis of students' achievement on formative assessments throughout the school year. This will allow teachers the

    Ø  opportunity to incorporate the four essential questions into engaging

    Ø  opportunities for all students.

    o   What is it that we want all students to learn and be able to do?

    o   How will we know when each student has learned it?

    o   What happens when a student doesn't learn it?

    o   What happens when a student already knows it?

    Ø  Upgrade and integrate technology into instructional methodology, including the refinement of the use of benchmarking, progress monitoring and computer assisted instruction for all students to create a personalized learning environment.

    Ø  Character development, social and emotional growth, as well as extra­

    curricular activities.

    Ø  Safe and engaging learning environments.


    To assure achievement of this goal, the Board of Education will monitor:

    Ø  Academic performance compared to Waterloo students' prior achievement.

    Ø  Evidence that demonstrates success across schools and grade levels that indicate improved student achievement.

    Ø  The selection, implementation and integration of benchmarking and progress monitoring systems with personalized learning opportunities for every student.

    Ø  Programs that successfully promote character development, social and emotional growth, extra-curricular opportunities for all students and a safe and engaging learning environment.



    District Goal 2 - Partnerships


    Goal 2- Waterloo Central School District will support collaborative partnerships that foster learning, communication, understanding and a positive culture in our schools and community.


    To assure achievement of this goal, schools will create action plans that target:

    Ø  Mutually beneficial partnerships within the district, community and other organizations.

    Ø  Partnerships for learning which support students in achieving educational and career goals.

    Ø  Supporting a culture of learning which consists of collaborative relationships with key stakeholders:

    o   To attain goals with a clear focus on continuous improvement.

    o   To support professional development and strong professional learning communities.

    o   To foster a positive school climate.


    In order to assure achievement of this goal, the Board of Education will monitor:

    Ø  Opportunities provided in schools and at the district level for volunteering, decision making and collaborating with the community.

    Ø  Information provided to families and the community from our schools.

    Ø  The integration of resources and services from the community to strengthen school programs, family practices and student learning.

    Ø  Data that measures culture such as survey results, participation at district events, attendance and discipline data.



    District Goal 3 - Fiscal Responsibility


    District Goal 3- Waterloo's operations and budget will be structured to maintain safe and efficient facilities and to provide adequate resources that support our academic goals and reflect the financial values of the community.


    To assure achievement of this goal, schools will create action plans that target:

    Ø  Innovative strategies for the acquisition and use of resources within and across departments and buildings.

    Ø  Optimization of resources utilizing the combined efforts of students, parents, staff and all who use our facilities.


    To assure achievement of this goal, the Board of Education will monitor:

    Ø  Evidence of the use of financial resources to maximize educational achievement, sustain effective programming, and promote an environment of fiscal responsibility.

    Ø  Fiscal issues to ensure the long term financial stability of the district, including prudent management of fund balance and reserves. 

    Ø Maintenance of facilities and grounds through a continual review process.