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    LaFayette Intermediate School


    Grades 3 - 5

    71 Inslee Street, Waterloo, NY 13165


     Welcome to LaFayette!

    Your children are your largest asset and we understand that here at LaFayette!   We thank you for entrusting us day in and out with your children.   A motto that is lived by here at LaFayette is “Treat every student as if they were your own!”  That is what moves us forward to strive for new and exciting ways to educate the students!

    Our mission at LaFayette is to provide a safe, nurturing, loving environment that fosters self-esteem, is conducive to learning, and prepares students to be successful for their life in and beyond the classroom walls.

    Our staff is a team of dedicated educators who are committed to standards of excellence in academics as well as being people of good character.

    This fall, our school will be introducing “personalized learning” in some of our classrooms to improve the learning experience and academic results for our students. Every student will have access to a laptop to use as a resource in class and we will focus class time on meeting the individual needs of each student through small group time with the teacher and the use of digital programs that adapt to each student’s strengths and gaps. Personalized learning will benefit our students in several important ways:

    1. Students will learn more and progress faster when the material is at the right level of difficulty and pace for him or her. Personalized learning customizes each student’s education by providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about the student’s learning needs and freeing up more time for teachers to teach students individually and in small groups.
    2. Personalized learning makes learning more interesting for students. Students will still learn from teachers, but they will spend just as much time learning from engaging online programs and from each other in collaborative group projects.
    3. Personalized learning gives students more opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether on a computer program or in a small collaborative group. When students feel “ownership” over their education, they are more engaged and their academic results improve. In addition to the benefits for students, blended learning will also support our teachers. While you may have heard about schools using computers to replace teachers, at LaFayette we will use technology to help our teachers be more supportive of each student’s learning needs. Teachers will have better information about their students and more time to spend on teaching the more difficult concepts, while computers teach basic skills and knowledge.

    During this process, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. With your involvement and support, we are confident that this will be a huge step forward for our school, and a key to increasing student success in learning.  We want to get your children excited about learning and make LaFayette a place that they talk about for years to come!

    Mr. Merrill  

    Principal                          Mr. Shaun Merrill                     539-1530         Shaun.merrill@waterloocsd.org
    Secretary                         Mrs. Linda Cordovani             539-1530          Linda.Cordovani@waterloocsd.org
    Guidance Counselor      Mrs. Catherine Rieck              539-1530          catherine.rieck@waterloocsd.org
    Nurse                               Mrs. Michelle Mateo                539-1535          Michell.Mateo@waterloocsd.org
    School Social Worker    Mrs. Sue Burroughs                539-1442          Sue.Burroughs@waterloocsd.org

    Walkers should arrive               8:38 am

    Bell rings - school starts           8:35 am

    *Walkers leave                        3:20 pm

     Buses depart                          3:23 pm

    *Students must be signed out at the Main Office when they are picked up by parents or other authorized adults. Students who are signed out at the Main Office by their parent/guardian will be announced @ 3:20 pm. Parents/guardians are to wait in the cafeteria until 3:25 pm. If there is no adult waiting in the cafeteria, the students will be put on the bus. Adults picking up children should not come in, sign them out, and then wait in a vehicle. They must wait in the cafeteria. Students who do not have an authorized person pick them up by 3:20 will be put on the bus.