Principal's Page

  • A Message from the Principal


              Skoi-Yase Primary School is a “Happening” place! This primary building houses students from grades kindergarten through second grade. The mission of this school is to lay the foundation for the young child to become a life long learner in an atmosphere that foster positive growth and promotes the successes of each child. We believe that children learn best by doing! Children need to be involved in their learning; they need to be active participants. There is an old proverb that helps explain this philosophy:


    I Hear…I Forget

    I see…and I Remember

    I Do…And I Understand


              Teachers at Skoi-Yase Primary School embrace this type of learning…hands on! Students receive instruction in art, music, physical education, library and computer skills in addition to regular classroom curricula. All instruction is guided according to the standards set by New York State. Character education is continuous throughout the year. Respect, responsibility, citizenships, honesty, and compassion are woven in daily lessons. Children are taught to be responsible for their own actions.


              All children are special when they attend our school. We believe there is a brilliant child locked inside of every student. Our job is to find the special key that unlocks learning for every student. We have specialists working to help meet your child’s needs; speech therapists, and occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a school counselor, and exceptional classroom teachers and talented special education teachers.


              Parents are the child’s first teacher! We believe in working together as a team to meet and to understand the child as a person and a learner. Although our students are the youngest in the district, we have a keen awareness of our responsibility to educate all children as they enter the ever changing world in the twenty-first century. Their future is just around the corner!


    Mrs. Liz Springer