Waterloo Education Foundation, Inc.

  • Waterloo Education Foundation, Inc.

    A special opportunity to provide educational enrichment for the students of the Waterloo Central School District

    The Waterloo Education Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 318
    Waterloo, New York  13165
    Main Street Shop Center, Suite 212
    (315) 539-1563
    Linda M. P. Wadhams, Executive Director


    Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999, the Waterloo Education Foundation has as its primary charge the challenge of raising funds to ensure the students of Waterloo are afforded every opportunity to succeed in an ever changing and highly competitive world. Presently, the Foundation consists of a Board of Directors comprised of ten members who are dedicated to its charge and have embarked on annual fundraisers to realize this goal.

    Board of Directors
    Victoria Bauder-Rivet
    Edward Boudreau, Jr.
    Thomas Evans
    James ("Jay") Koopman, Jr.
    Jane Morehouse
    Craig Sessler
    James Spina
    Jane Spiwak
    Faith Tam


    • To foster excellence through education
    • To provide Waterloo's students the opportunity to learn, to study, and to work with the latest technological hardware and software
    • To encourage Waterloo's students to become responsible citizens of their communities
    • To prepare Waterloo's graduates to enter the world and to make valuable contributions in any chosen profession


    • To prepare Waterloo's students to be as successful as the graduates who have preceded them
    • To engage the support of Waterloo's alumni, businesses and community members in achieving the Foundation's mission

    Funding provided for:

    • Faculty Grants
    • Technological Equipment
    • Programs
      • Arts
      • Events
      • Speakers  
      • Music/Band Instruments
    • Waterloo Rec Center Summer Reading Program supported 2 summers
    • Endowments
      • Scholarships
        • 2002 - 2016, 45 ($500) scholarships have been presented to graduating Seniors
    • Annual Academic Awards Banquet
      • Honoring top 10 graduating Seniors and their parents
      • Honoring top 10 8th graders and their parents


    The Waterloo Education Foundation cannot complete its mission without your financial support.

    A tax-deductible contribution can be sent to:

    The Waterloo Education Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 318
    Waterloo, NY  13165

    Please contact Linda Wadhams at (315) 539-1563 for information on the purchasing of Commemorative Bricks placed at the High School.

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