Health Services

Health Services

  • The contact people for the various buildings in our district are as follows.           

    Skoi-Yase Primary School Nurse: Mrs. Karen Campbell, RN 

    Ph: 315-539-1525 ext 1107

    Fax: 315-539-1527


    LaFayette Intermediate School Nurse: Mrs. Marjorie Davoli, RN

    Ph: 315-539-1535 ext 2107

    Fax: 315-539-1529


    Waterloo Middle School Nurse: Mrs. Melissa Stenberg, RN

    Ph: 315-539-1545 ext 3107

    Fax: 315-539-1534


    Waterloo High School Nurse: Mrs. Christina DeTorio, RN

    Ph: 315-539-1555 ext 4107

    Fax: 315-539-1536


    District Float Nurse: Mrs. Lera Rose, RN 




    Education law requires medical examination of pupils upon entrance to school and at grades UPK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and before participation in sports. These are to be completed by a student’s primary care practitioner and a copy sent to the school.  If unable to meet this mandate the parent may request the school physician complete the physical by notifying the school nurse.


    Height and weight, blood pressure, vision and hearing, scoliosis, and BMI (body mass index) screening are completed as mandated by educational law. BMI screening is a recent requirement of the law and helps the doctor or nurse know if the student's weight is average, too high, or too low. A sample of school districts will be selected to take part in a survey conducted by the NYS Department of Health. The information sent will help officials develop programs for healthier lifestyles for children. If Waterloo is selected to be part of the survey, information dissemi­nated will be only about weight groups. Only summary information is sent - no names or information about individual students. However, you may choose to have your child's information excluded from the survey.


    To do this, or for any other health-related questions, please contact the health office in the school your child attends.