Welcome to Waterloo CSD!

  • Terri Bavis  It has been my pleasure to be the Superintendent of Schools in Waterloo for the past two years. We have continued on with many rich Waterloo traditions, as well as looking to the future of our instructional program. As we continue our work of preparing children for the 21st Century, we do so keeping the whole child in mind.

    The Board of Education, the Waterloo Staff and I, welcomed the incoming Kindergarten Class of 2031 to Skoi-Yase Primary. A warm welcome back to our First through Eleventh Grade students and finally to our Senior Class of 2019. Our staff is looking forward to the return of your children to the schools on September 4th. It has been a very busy summer of preparations for the coming school year. We are anxious to embark on a new journey of learning with you this year.

    We have many exciting learning opportunities planned for this year, including our updated 1:1 device initiative, in which each of our students will have their own computer to use. Students in grades 7-12 will have the ability to take their devices to and from school. Our students in grades K-6 will be issued a device for their use in school only.

    We have extended our school day fifteen minutes, which has allowed us to increase our advisement program in our secondary schools to twenty-five minutes per day. A focus on the whole child and a Multi-tiered Support System through advisement is one of the updated supports we are providing for our secondary students this year.

    Students are at the heart of everything we do. This core belief shapes the work that occurs in our schools each day. As a district, we are committed to preparing students to be engaged, enthusiastic community members. We will continue to develop our instructional program by our commitment to personalized learning. This instructional framework offers pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments that meet the individual student’s needs. I am looking forward to seeing the varied and unique learning experiences that are constructed for our students by our talented and dedicated staff this year.

    Thank you to Mr. Toby Coleman for his work keeping our website up to date and adding new features to our website each year. Please visit our website often to learn more about the opportunities offered to students and families throughout the year. Our web page carries numerous Twitter feeds. We use text, phone and email messaging for emergency communication, so please be sure to keep your phone, email and contact information up to date at your child’s school.

    We look forward to another productive year of learning and growing at WCSD. Thank you for being our partners in your child's educational journey.