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College and Career Center Provides Options For Students

The College and Career Center is a popular place at Waterloo High School this time of year as students are maximizing opportunities to plot their post-high school plans.

Kate Wright, the district’s College and Career/School to Work Coordinator, has been hosting sessions with representatives from colleges, the military and members of the workforce to expose students to as many available options as possible.

“I do try to hit all of those areas so that a kid does have opportunities and options for future planning,” said Wright, who is in her 21st year in the district.  “I look at it as three domains: awareness, exploration and planning.”

The center has been offering both in-person and virtual sessions this fall and each has benefits.

“I like how the colleges comes to us and answer our questions instead of us having to go to them,” said senior Nick Stuck, who is considering attending college for physical education.

About 20 students attended an October visit from a Keuka College representative.

“I think that kids can come in and ask great questions,” Wright said. “I think that if they were in a Zoom meeting with an admissions counselor that a lot of times they wouldn’t ask.”

Wright also does her part to facilitate the discussion.

“Mrs. Wright asks them the questions that we want to know,” junior Logan Amidon said. “I am just trying to get a feel for what I want to do.”

“I want to make sure that I have a concise list of colleges before I go to my mom to talk about where I want to go,” sophomore Valentine Thillman, who is interested in a career in politics, said.

A virtual Trade Talks session and a Career Day In Construction were also offered.

“It’s nice because kids can be virtual and ask someone in the trades about opportunities,” Wright said.

Students at all grade levels expressed their appreciation for the wide range of experiences offered.

 “I find this very beneficial to students and not just students who are going to college, but for those entering the work force or the military, too,” senior Brianna Urich said. “Mrs. Wright provides a wide variety of opportunities for everyone.”