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District Provides New Tutoring Tool

District Introduces New Tutoring Tool

The Waterloo Central District is proud to announce a new partner to provide chat-based online tutoring to middle school and high school students in all subject areas.

Paper, which was founded by educators, provides unlimited expert tutors 24/7 so students can receive assistance any time they need it. Students are being introduced to Paper during classes.

“Paper is easy to use, available any time to meet the needs of individual students’ schedules, and available in languages other than English, making it accessible to all of our middle school and high school students at Waterloo CSD,” Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jenn Hayden said.

Waterloo is one of several area districts using Paper. The service comes at no cost to students, who learned about Paper during advisement periods last week.

In addition to accessibility, Paper also provides feedback to teachers and allows students to upload essays for review.

“Students are able to receive help from experts in the content area they are studying,” Hayden said. “The online tutors ask guiding questions that prompt students to start problem solving. The online tutors support students as they decide their best approach to academics that seem difficult in the moment, allowing them to move forward in their assignments and with their learning”.

Paper is available to more than 1.5 million students in more than 200 school districts in 26 states. For more information on Paper, go to