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School Budget Vote Results

Budget Vote & Board of Education Election Results

On Tuesday, May 17, the Waterloo Central School District voters approved a $45,786.16 million spending plan for 2022-2023, passed a bus purchase proposition and the creation of the 2022 Capital Project Reserve Fund, and supported the Waterloo Library. Renee Thomas, Coreen Lowry, and Wendy DiSanto were elected to 3-year terms on the Board of Education.

Budget Vote

Yes – 257
No - 185

Board Election Vote Totals

Renee Thomas      245
Coreen Lowry        241
Charles Bronson   170
Wendy DiSanto     258
William White       227

They will begin their terms on July 1, 2022.

Proposition #2- Transportation

Yes- 328
No- 112

Proposition #3- 2022 Capital Project Reserve Fund

Yes- 291
No- 148

Proposition #4 Waterloo Library

Yes- 279
No- 160