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Meet New Board of Education Member Christopher Felice

Christopher Felice was appointed to the Waterloo Central School District Board of Education at the Board’s regular meeting on Sept. 19.

Felice is filling the seat vacated by the resignation of Josh Mull in July. His term runs through June 30, 2023.

Felice shared some of his goals for the upcoming school year:

Occupation: Criminal Investigator at Seneca County Sheriff's Office and also small business owner/operator of an exterior cleaning company, Total Exterior Powerwashing, based in Waterloo.

Family: I grew up in Waterloo and currently reside in the Village of Waterloo, Town of Fayette. My children are Ethan, 12, Milanna, 17, and Mackenzie, 20.

Why were you interested in joining the Board of Education? Public service has always been of major importance to me as shown through my more than twenty-three years of public service work through both volunteer and career organizations. Being a member of the Waterloo Central School District Board of Education is another way in which I can serve the community while having an impact on the quality of life and future of one of our most valuable assets (children and students within the district). 

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Board of Education? As a member of the Board of Education, I hope to continue improving the Waterloo Central School District in several areas through collaboration with the Superintendent's Office and the District’s Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff. 

A.) The safety and security of our students and staff is paramount and cannot be compromised . As a board member I will encourage continued training for our staff and School Resource Officer's Program beyond minimum standards with regards to the safety and security of all of our district buildings, members and visitors. To accomplish this, I will also encourage the School Resource Officers to collaborate and meet regularly with other law enforcement and emergency response agencies in the local area and across the State of New York.    

B.) I will encourage proper review of policies, procedures and programs to ensure that not only are they up to date with our ever-changing society, but also to ensure that they are easily understood and able to be followed.

C.) I will work hard with the Board and Superintendent to ensure that the best practices are in place to support the educational needs of our District's students both on an individual level and at the class/group level. I realize that all people are different and with that said, everyone cannot learn the same way all of the time. I believe a student-centered approach is vitally important to the success of the individual. 

D.) I will work hard with other Board members to hold the District accountable to the best spending practices.

E.) I hope to communicate with the community giving district residents a space to feel like they have been heard.