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Waterloo Education Association Honors Teaching Assistants

The Waterloo Education Association did something different this year. 

Rather than honoring one teacher as its annual Teacher of the Year recognition, the WEA presented the award to the 29 Teaching Assistants in the Waterloo Central School District. The group was honored at a Sept. 1 assembly on Opening Day for staff. 

“We would be lost without them,” WEA Co-President Jacque Hauf said. “I can’t think of one teacher who wouldn’t welcome a Teaching Assistant with open arms.” 

“Teaching Assistants perform essential work with our students every day,” Superintendent of Schools Terri Bavis said. “We felt that is was important to honor our dedicated Teaching Assistants for the care and compassion they provide for our students every day.” 

The honorees, listed by school, are: 

Skoi-Yase Primary 

Michelle Andrews, Becky Balch, Angela Markel-Grillone, Kate Jones, Traci Moracco, Colleen Nearpass, Kelly Consentino, Shannon Legott, Ashley Slate. 

LaFayette Primary 

Brittany Cieri, Heidi Clingerman, Christine Hrycko, Casey Kapp, Amy Ochs, Paula Thomas, Jackie Hurlburt, Nicole DeChick, Eric Hamlin, Alisha Skinner. 

Waterloo Middle School 

Heather Bonetti, Jayme Herron, Robin Lukowski, Kim Maines, Cathy Rosario, Jen Szewc. 

Waterloo High School 

Karen Ditzell, Courtney Parker, Phoebe Williams, Sue Wooden.