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Skoi-Yase Celebrates Kindness Week

Students at Skoi-Yase Primary School collected more than 250 items to donate to Bailey’s Boutique during Kindness Week.

All Skoi-Yase students in grades UPK through second grade spent the week of Nov. 14-18 performing random acts of kindness such as holding doors open for a teacher, writing a kind note and giving compliments.

The students also gathered donations for Bailey’s Boutique, a free store at Waterloo High School. In addition to food, students also collected lotion, soaps, toothpaste, hats, bags and personal hygiene items. Second grade students also helped to count and sort the items.

Kindness Week was organized by Skoi-Yase teachers Kristine Ackerman and Jenn Graham.

Way to go Skoi-Yase!