Student Artwork Brightens District Office

 Student Artwork Brightens District Office

Student Art at District Office

David Smith was surprised when he and his family received an invitation to visit the Waterloo Central School District Office on the evening of Aug. 30.

David, who will be a sophomore this fall, was one of 30 Waterloo High School art students invited to see their artwork on display.

“It’s really cool,” David said. “I honestly didn’t expect a piece of mine to show up here.”

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Yet, there it was. David’s sectioned grid drawing of a photo featuring an orange, lemon, strawberries and grapes was one of the pieces chosen to hang in the hallway for the upcoming school year.

“There were a bunch of different fruits, so there was some diversity to it,” David said. “Every section is different than the other section. When you look at it, it could be two different photos.”

The art on display was selected by High School Art teachers Sarah Carey and Dana Brabant based on the “Best of Show” from the teachers’ picks from the 2021 Spring Art Show.

“What you see here is the best of the best,” Carey said.

Waterloo Superintendent of Schools Terri Bavis said the artwork enhances the atmosphere at District Office.

“I think that it’s important to have kids’ artwork on the walls,” Bavis said. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t have student artwork on display every day. Every Spring the Art teachers come over to District Office to display artwork from the year’s success, and we enjoy it.”

While the artwork in the halls changes each year, Bavis has also purchased other pieces that are on permanent display in her office and conference rooms. This summer marked the first time that she has invited students, families and Board of Education members to see the artwork.

Angelina Cardinale, who will also be a sophomore this fall, attended with her family members. Her introspective self-portrait, which was created with markers and watercolors, featured Angelina blowing a bubble.

“I kind of think of it as when the bubble pops, my personality comes out,” Angelina said. “I was just going to do a self-portrait, but Ms. B (Brabant) told me that it should have some meaning to it.”

Ava DiSanto’s piece, “Nemo,” was also chosen.

“I was looking for a circle, but a transparent one,” Ava said. “I looked at fish eggs, frog eggs and then a Nemo just came to me and I saw a photo and went with it.”

“We’re very proud of her,” said Wendy DiSanto, Ava’s mother. “We couldn’t be more proud.”

The Art Department extends its congratulations to all of the students selected and also thanks former  Studio in Art student Jasmine Hennigan for her assistance with matting, framing and labeling the pieces.