If my student is having trouble with their school computer who should we contact?

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If students experience technical issues with their school devices and can send an email, please have them email our helpdesks directly (see below for helpdesk email information). A member of our IT support team will get back to them as soon as possible. Please have your student be as clear as possible with the description of the issue/problem.

If a student is experiencing difficulties and are unable to send an email, please call the students building principal or teacher and they can pass that information along to our IT support staff. Again, one of our IT support team members will reach out to you as soon as possible to help resolve the issue.

Skoi-Yase Students - send email to syhelpdesk@waterloocsd.org

LaFayette Students - send emails to lfhelpdesk@waterloocsd.org

Middle School Students - send emails to mshelpdesk@waterloocsd.org

High School Students - send emails to hshelpdesk@waterloocsd.org

**for general technology-related inquires, you may also send emails to helpdesk@waterloocsd.org

Additionally, students can find support videos and articles on the school website under the "Student Technology Resources" Section of the Technology Page.